Our Philosophy

At Inspire Dental, we care deeply about your overall health and well-being, which is why we take a holistic approach to oral health,
using biocompatible materials and minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals like mercury. In addition, many procedures are performed
with dental lasers for increased precision and patient comfort.

We enjoy treating patients of all ages and look forward to caring for your entire family!

Meet Dr. Amick

A Caring, Compassionate 
Dentist In Firestone, co

Our Story

Inspire Dental was founded by Kari Amick, DDS in 2015. Kari has been a member of the Carbon Valley community since 2007. She and her husband, Jon, moved to the area while she was still in dental school at the University of Colorado. In no time at all, they felt a deep connection to the community. After graduation from dental school, Kari (newly Dr. Amick!) was accepted into the General Practice Residency program at the University of Colorado where she gained valuable experience treating complex dental patients in a hospital setting. This year-long program was intense and challenging, but Kari credits that year as having a huge impact on the dentist she has become. Upon completion of residency, Kari began working in private practice. Over the next several years, her experience in that setting as well as public health continued to refine her skills and shape her dental practice philosophy. Having experience with hospital dentistry from her residency, Kari welcomed the opportunity to get hospital privileges that allow her to treat special needs patients in the operating room under general anesthesia. She continues to enjoy delivering that service in Fort Collins. Kari has also been a part of Dental Lifeline Network, a non-profit organization providing much-needed dental care to elderly patients living in nursing facilities and the homeless in the Denver area.

Inspire Dental is the realization of a dream for Kari and she feels blessed to be able to both live and work in the Carbon Valley community. Her diverse experiences as a dentist have given her a well-rounded skill set, including a passion for laser dentistry, which is a vital part of the treatment provided at Inspire Dental. Kari loves treating patients of all ages and can’t imagine a job that is more fulfilling than to care for members of her own community in impactful ways.

Outside of the office, Kari’s passion is travel. Her long bucket list includes doing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage through France and Spain. She’d love to be fluent in Spanish someday. Being a Colorado native, she feels it is her duty to climb a few 14ers next year. Kari enjoys the simple pleasures of life: good food, friends, and her precious family. Good beer is also a staple of the Amick household – most of which is made at home by Jon.

What patients can expect

Patient Information

Face To Face First

We recognize that you are so much more than a set of teeth! As such, your initial visit begins with a conversation with Dr. Amick. It is important that we get to know you, your overall health, and your previous positive or negative experiences with dentistry so that we can provide you with optimal care. Following this brief interview, a thorough exam is performed, including photographs and necessary x-rays of your teeth.


Show And Tell Time!

Dr. Amick will review all findings with you in a way that is clear and understandable. Together, based on the specifics of your oral health, a treatment plan will be created to take care of areas that need attention with the goal of long-term oral health maintenance.

Everyone Loves That Just-Cleaned Feeling!

We understand that getting your teeth cleaned at your first visit is a priority – it is for us as well. Most patients will have this treatment completed during the initial appointment. For patients who have complex needs or may require treatment of gum disease, it is sometimes necessary to start that care at a subsequent visit.



One Stop Shop!

The vast majority of your treatment can be provided right here at Inspire Dental. Dr. Amick is proud to provide surgical, root canal, and dental implant procedures in addition to routine cleanings, exams, fillings, crowns, mouth guards, whitening and much more. For the less common cases when a specialist needs to be involved, you can be sure that Dr. Amick will send you to a trusted colleague.

Technology is Awesome!

Laser dentistry is just plain cool. Dr. Amick uses the Lightwalker, one of the most advanced dental lasers on the market. The Lightwalker has 2 wavelengths for maximum versatility and efficiency. You may be surprised to discover just how much this laser can do: cavity preparations for fillings, gum and bone surgery, removal of hard and soft tissue growths, and treatment of canker or cold sores, to name a few. There are many advantages to using laser over the traditional drill or scalpel. Removing diseased or decayed tissue with a beam of light is much gentler than a high-speed bur or scalpel, causing significantly less trauma to the tooth or gums. Wounds heal faster, hurt less afterward, and don’t need as much numbing (if any) during the procedure. The laser wavelength has an effect on bacteria that a drill simply cannot compete with. Since bacterial colonization is at the root of most tooth and gum problems, it is easy to see why this is helpful. Ready to see the Lightwalker in action? Ask for a demo at your next appointment!

Paying For Your Treatment

Dental insurance helps members of our community get the care they need, and for that reason, we participate as an in-network provider with the following plans:

Delta Dental, Tri-Care, Cigna
We will happily submit insurance claims on your behalf to any other plan that allows you to see an out-of-network provider.

We are also pleased to offer the Get Inspired Plan for individuals and families who do not have insurance but wish to make their dental care more affordable. Ask us for details!

For patients wishing to finance their dental treatment, our office happily accepts CareCredit.

Click here for more information on CareCredit.


Word On The Street

Your Care Providers

Meet the Team

Jennilee Cox

Jennilee Cox

Front Desk Administrator
Rachael Turner

Rachael Turner

Expanded Duties Dental Assistant
Ali Foote

Ali Foote

Dental Hygienist



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